The Complete Guide To Chewable Vitamins

We’ve been there before. Swallowing chalky, metallic-tasting dietary supplements can only be described as less than ideal. Still, plenty of people do it because they think that it’s the only way to get the vitamins they need. 

But what if we told you that there’s a better way to acquire important vitamins? Spoiler alert: there is! And it’s called chewable vitamins. 

Perhaps you’ve seen chewable supplements in the vitamin aisle, but don’t know too much about them yet. Today we’re going to address every question you have about chewable vitamins. 

First, we’ll recap what vitamins are and why they’re important, discuss the different types of chewable vitamins, and even introduce you to a brand we think you’ll love 😉. Let’s get started! 

What Are Vitamins?

To put it simply, vitamins are organic compounds or substances that your body requires to function properly. Because the human body is unable to produce them itself, or the amount it would make is insufficient, we have to take dietary supplements or eat certain foods to acquire the vitamins we need. 

While we don’t need these substances in huge quantities, it’s difficult to emphasize just how important they are. Each vitamin has a different responsibility, which means that you need to be sure you’re getting enough of all of them. For example, having enough vitamin D is great--but it won’t exempt you from needing to get vitamin B. 

Vitamins are highly individualistic. Different organisms require different amounts to survive and thrive. Even more importantly, different humans require different amounts of vitamins.

Currently, there are 13 recognized vitamins. These can be categorized into fat-soluble or water-soluble. A vitamin’s grouping determines a large part of its characteristics. Fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K are all able to be stored in fatty tissue and the liver. This means that the reserves of these vitamins can stick around for days or even months sometimes.

The same cannot be said for water-soluble vitamins. They are unable to stay in the body for a long time and cannot be stored. As a result, they exit your body through the urine. What does that mean? That the body needs a more steady, stable supply of these vitamins, that’s what. Vitamin C and the B vitamins fall into this category. 

Why Are Vitamins Important?

There are oh-so many reasons why vitamins are important, and a lot of the reasoning depends on which vitamin we’re discussing. While there is some overlap between vitamins, each one largely supports a different function of the body. That’s why you should make sure that you have enough of all of them. 

Still, we completely understand how sometimes it’s difficult--or even impossible--to incorporate enough of a vitamin in your diet. Since vitamins are largely acquired from food, creating a balanced diet can help. 

But what if your diet isn’t providing enough of a vitamin for you? Luckily, that’s where supplements can step in. 

Everyone has their own reason why vitamins are important to them. For some people it helps round out their wellness routine. For others, vitamins support their body in their activities like . When you start taking supplements, you’ll quickly find your why, and it might just be because you want to give your body a boost! 

What Are the Types of Chewable Vitamins?

If you’re tired of swallowing yucky pills or capsules, there are better ways to acquire the vitamins you’re seeking. In fact, incorporating a chewy vitamin into your diet can bolster your effort to consistently take a vitamin. This is because you’ll be less likely to dread taking your vitamin and instead, view it as an enjoyable, productive part of your wellness routine. 

What comes to mind when you think of chewable vitamins? It turns out that there are actually multiple different types, so find the one that works the best for you.

 Remember: your vitamin should feel supportive. When you find the right match, it will be well worth it! 

Chewy Multivitamins

The first type of chewy vitamin is less niche. While multivitamins might seem attractive, the reality is that they’re far less concerned with getting you the specific vitamins you need and are instead focused on overall consumption. 

In fact, there’s little evidence to support that taking a multivitamin supports morality. You’re better off with more niche supplements that can target specific vitamin levels. 

These vitamins aren’t gummy, but they’re also not capsules. In some cases, they might be stretchy and taffy-esque, like a Starburst. In others, they might still be hard but are able to be chewed and crumble in your mouth, like the Flinstones vitamins you got as a kid. 

Gummy Vitamins

Up next we have our personal favorites, gummy vitamins

Gummy vitamins are effective in a few ways. They’re accessible to people who are uncomfortable with or cannot swallow large pills. Gummy vitamins are also tasty, which means you’re not going to completely dread taking them. With vitamins, consistency is key, so having a vitamin you’re going to enjoy is important for developing a daily routine.

Did you know that there are some estimates that up to 80% of the gummy vitamin market are adults? That’s right: gummy vitamins aren’t just for your kids anymore! 

There’s no reason why you should dislike taking your vitamins, and these deliciously chewy vitamins can make vitamin-taking enjoyable versus barely bearable. Tasty and healthy? It’s a win-win. 

Why Gummy Vitamins?

Gummy supplements are truly the ultimate chewable vitamins. Whether you have difficulty swallowing large pills or simply dislike it, taking your vitamins can--and should be-- fun. Gummy vitamins are here to completely revamp your vitamin routine. 

Chewable vitamins overall will help you establish a cadence to taking your vitamins that will better support your overall health. There are several different options for chewy vitamins, but gummy vitamins are specifically formulated to taste delicious and work to support your body. Next time you’re considering which supplement you should pick out, consider a gummy. 

Meet Cosmos Vita’s Chewable, Gummy Vitamins

If you’ve been looking for a chewy, gummy vitamin supplier you can feel confident about, we want to introduce you to Cosmos Vita. Our out of this world gummy vitamins are formulated to provide you with important vitamins and minerals while also tasting delicious. (Because when it comes to vitamins, why not have it all?)

Let’s run through some fast facts about Cosmos Vita’s gummies. Our products are proudly made right here in the USA, which means you can be sure that we’re never shipping them from overseas. In addition to this, our gummy vitamins are just as strong as they would be in pill form (as long as the daily values are consistent!). 

You might be wondering what allows Cosmos Vita to shine amongst other gummy vitamins manufacturers, and we’re here to answer that question for you. First, all of our vitamins are gluten-free, so those who have allergies or follow a gluten-less diet can enjoy them.

In addition, our vitamins are vegan-safe, so they’re perfect for people who follow a vegan diet. We also don’t believe in using faux flavoring, so you’ll never taste artificial flavors in a Cosmos Vita gummy. Finally, they’re entirely free from dyes.

Cosmos Vita knows that niche vitamins are the way to go, so we’re focused on creating gummy vitamins that are more specific than a multivitamin. Allow us to introduce you to Beaming, Gutsy, and Supportive. All you need to do is pop a couple of gummies in your mouth daily and watch the stars align! 


Beaming is Cosmos Vita’s vitamin D3 gummy. It was formulated to support immune system health, calcium absorption, and assist with healthy teeth and bones. This gummy vitamin is high-potency vitamin D3 which means it’s helping you get a significant amount of the vitamin you need. Not only does it uplift your body, it also tastes great. 


Up next we have Gutsy, Cosmos Vita’s apple cider vinegar (ACV) gummy. It supports digestive and immune health, which makes it a very balanced supplement. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy all the health benefits of ACV without having to take even a sip, and Gutsy shows exactly that! 


Last but certainly not least we have Supportive, Cosmos Vita’s elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C gummies. These vitamins will provide you with 100% of daily recommended vitamin C, so they’re an excellent option. Packed with antioxidants that will support a boosted immune system, Supportive tastes and works great. 

You can buy these gummy supplements separately or you can purchase them as a trio so you have all of our delicious, healthy gummies within reach. Taking care of yourself is important, and we think it should be fun and accessible. Join us! 


If you’ve taken a vitamin or supplement in the past, you know how lackluster it can be to swallow a pill or capsule. Taking your vitamins doesn’t have to be like that anymore. With chewy, gummy vitamins, you can revamp your vitamin routine easily. 



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