We understand that it’s a hard world out there; we’re so busy taking care of others that we easily and often skip ourselves. That’s where we come in. Cosmos Vita exists purely to remind you that you matter. We know this can’t happen overnight but are firm believers that small steps can really lead to big impacts. Consider us your go-to place for when you need a friend, a self-love reminder, or just some delicious gummies! We are first and foremost, a community designed to remind you to love yourself.

Meet Our Founder

Mary Berry is the Founder + CEO of Cosmos Vita, a wellness brand rooted in accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment. Mary is a serial entrepreneur in the beauty and wellness space. She was the founder and CEO of Texas Beauty Labs (now, Goodkind Co), the leading product and services partner to Clean Beauty brands and creators, which created the world’s best selling natural deodorant. Mary was one of the pioneers of Clean Beauty; early on recognizing the importance of what goes in and on your body. She brings her enthusiasm and expertise to the wellness space, always encouraging people to be kind to themselves and to understand that small steps in their wellness journey will produce big results.  She’s a natural leader and people-lover with a passion for community building. In her spare time, you’ll find Mary tending to her succulents and enjoying starry skies.