How To Get Vitamin D Levels Up Fast: vitamin D Supplements

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency can be referred to as a global health issue because of how common it is? It’s true! With approximately a billion people worldwide suffering from a lack of vitamin D, you might be wondering how to spot a deficiency and more importantly, how to get those levels back up. 

We have some good news: improving your vitamin D levels doesn’t have to be super daunting. We have a simple, easy way to bump up your body’s effort to produce its own. 

Today, we’re going to talk about all things vitamin D deficiency related. Most significantly, we’ll discuss how you can improve your vitamin D levels (spoiler alert: it’s not as difficult as it may seem!). 

At Cosmos Vita, we’re dedicated to helping support you on your journey towards overall wellness, and we know how important the physical component of that is. That’s where vitamins come into the picture. 

Let’s start off by quickly recapping with an overview of vitamins and why they’re essential. 

An Overview of Vitamins

You’ve heard repeatedly that vitamins are necessary to sustain your health, but do you know why? If not, don’t worry! We’re going to answer any and all of your vitamin related questions today. 

Vitamins are actually a very wide group of substances. They’re required for your body to grow, develop, and function properly, which is why it’s required that you get all of them (not to mention in the correct amounts!). 

There are 13 essential vitamins. What does that mean? Well, that these vitamins are especially necessary for proper bodily function, that’s what!

These organic compounds can be split up into two different groups. These categories are fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. Depending on which group a vitamin falls into, it will have different properties. 

The first category is fat-soluble. These vitamins are stored in your body’s fatty tissue, and can stick around there for a while. There are four fat-soluble vitamins. These include Vitamins A, D, E, and K. It’s also important to remember that your fat-soluble vitamins will be absorbed into your body more easily when dietary fat is present. 

The second category is water-soluble vitamins. These aren’t stored in your body, which means you’re going to have to take them on a regular basis to ensure you don’t experience a shortage. 

There are nine of these water-soluble vitamins, and if you have any excess, they’ll simply exit your body when you urinate. There is, however, one water-soluble vitamin that can be stored in the liver for years, and that’s B12. Nevertheless, the same cannot be said for the other vitamins. 

You might be wondering how you can acquire vitamins. People need them in relatively small quantities, but the reality is that most of your vitamins either need to come from food or supplements, and by the time you eat a vitamin-rich food, your body processes it in a way that you still usually need to eat a lot more to get your daily recommended value! 

In addition to this, different vitamins have different assigned roles in your body. That means that it's great if you have enough Vitamin C, but it doesn’t exempt you from needing to get enough vitamin D or E, too. 

What is Vitamin D?

Now that we have an overview of the importance of all vitamins, let’s hone in on specifically the “sunshine vitamin.” Yes, we’re talking about vitamin D (and you’ll see why exactly it’s called the sunshine vitamin soon!).

Vitamin D, sometimes referred to as Calciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin. This nutrient is naturally occurring in some foods, but also gets added into others. There are several other ways that you can acquire it. One of these ways is by taking a dietary supplement, and the other is by spending some time soaking up rays, but be careful — this option might not be as appealing as it seems. We’ll elaborate on that later. 

Did you know that there are also two main forms of vitamin D? It’s true - there is vitamin D2 and D3. These two are only chemically different in regard to their side-chain structures. Both are able to be absorbed fairly well in your small intestine, but vitamin D3 wins the absorption award over its sibling. 

Why is Having Enough Vitamin D Important?

We’ve mentioned the importance of having enough vitamin D, but you might be wondering why. Let’s discuss why this nutrient is so essential. 

For one, it’s necessary for your body to build and maintain health bones. Our bodies are designed to absorb calcium (which is the number one component of bones) only when there is enough - you guessed it - vitamin D present. 

That’s not where this vitamin’s responsibilities end, though. Vitamin D is also responsible for plenty of other cellular functions in the human body. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. These work to support your immune health, brain cell activity, and even muscle function. It can even impact your sleep

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not naturally found in a lot of foods. This is why some people opt to drink fortified milk, enjoy fortified cereal, or make a point of including fatty fish into their diet. Still, trying to acquire enough vitamin D through your diet can prove to be an uphill battle. 

Another way that you can get the vitamin is by spending time in direct sunlight. This is because sunlight converts a chemical found in the skin into a form of vitamin D. Still, the amount of the vitamin your skin can make will depend on several factors. 

This includes what time you’re outside, the season, the latitude of where you live, and also your skin pigmentation. You should also always put sunscreen on when you’re outside to prevent skin damage. The result? Less vitamin D production. This is why dietary supplements are the most foolproof solution. 

If you’re worried that you have a vitamin D deficiency, you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. All it takes is a simple diagnostic blood test to get the results. It’s essential that you treat your vitamin D deficiency because not having enough of this nutrient in your body puts you at an increased risk for several issues like lowered immune function and poor bone health down the road. In addition to this, your body can’t function to its full potential when it doesn’t have all the nutrients needed to nourish it. 

How to Get Vitamin D Levels Up Quickly

Think you’re vitamin D deficient? There’s no need to panic. We have a silver lining: you can actually get your vitamin D levels up pretty quickly when you make a minimal change to your lifestyle: By incorporating a vitamin D supplement into your wellness routine. 

After all, if you don’t get this vitamin from food or the sun, you’re going to have to seek an alternative approach.  

The best part? Not all supplements are large, metallic-tasting pills anymore. That’s right: there’s a yummy, healthy alternative that can help you reach your daily dose of this vitamin. 

Meet Cosmos Vita’s Beaming gummy vitamin. We already know you’re going to love it as much as we do! 

Why Cosmos Vita’s Beaming Gummy is Ideal

First, we want to give you some fast facts about the company. Our gummy vitamins are created proudly right here in the United States. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and have simple, straightforward ingredients. That’s not all, however! Our out-of-this-world gummies are also free of dyes and artificial flavors. You should feel comfortable with what you're putting into your body, and at Cosmos Vita, we work to ensure you do. 

Our Beaming gummy vitamin was created with you in mind. Not only is it equal parts tasty and healthy, it’s going to give your body that vitamin D boost it needs. 

Beaming supports your immune system - no sun rays required. In addition to immune support, it also can support your body with calcium absorption. This allows for immune health, healthy bones, and also teeth. 

Our gummy is a high-potency vitamin D3 supplement, which means you can rest assured that you’re getting a hefty amount of this amazing nutrient. When you purchase a bottle, you’re going to get 60 gummies, which is a 1-month supply if you take your gummies everyday!

Cosmos Vita is proud of how we source gummies, too. The process is meticulous, transparent, and laden with love. Our gummies only include “the good stuff” that will support your body on its wellness journey. You’ll never find any preservatives, fake flavors, dyes, or colors.

In Conclusion

Getting your vitamin D levels up can seem daunting, but it certainly can be easy. In fact, you can do so by simply including a supplement into your daily routine. 

Take our Beaming gummy and watch the stars align!



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