What Are The Benefits of Elderberry Supplements?

You’ve heard of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, but what about elderberries? 

Allow us to introduce you to this very special berry supplement designed to support your body in a variety of ways! 

If you haven’t heard of elderberry, or aren’t sure how an elderberry supplement can benefit you, we’ve got you covered. We’ll run through a little background on the supplement, why it’s beneficial, suggested uses, and beyond. You’ll see all the amazing benefits in no time!

What is Elderberry?

In order to understand why elderberry supplements are popular, it’s important to recognize their history. 

First, there are approximately 30 types of elder plants and trees around the world. The most significant for health and healing, however, is the European “version” of the plant. 

The European edition of the elder plant actually dates back as far as 400 BC. If you remember anything about Greek history from class, you might recall that Hippocrates, commonly known as “the Father of Medicine” referred to the elder tree as his “medicine chest.”

But Hippocrates isn’t the only one who found the elderberry to be a productive plant! That’s right -- Native Americans used this healer to treat infections, and ancient Egyptians even used it to improve the appearance of their complexion and support the healing of burns. So if you guessed the elderberry has a long history of providing people with care, you’re absolutely correct. 

Today, elderberries are still used to support a variety of conditions. It’s unique for the sheer number of potential uses. This is because the plant is chalk full of antioxidants and vitamins. 

Some common usages of elderberries include: 

  • To support the immune system 
  • To soothe irritation in the body 
  • To support heart health
  • To help relieve constipation
  • To help ease discomfort and tension
  • To promote skin health 
  • To help support your body’s ability to manage stress

As you can see, elderberry is a benefit-dense food worth adding into your diet! Your diet should also include foods with vitamin B, B6, and E. Logistically speaking, elderberries have a significant amount of vitamin C (52.2 milligrams for a cup) and fiber (10.2 grams for a cup), which are crucial parts of a healthy diet. 

Elderberries themselves are also a
low-calorie food, too. In addition to this, elderberries are a great source of phenolic acids, which are powerful antioxidants that work to reduce damage from oxidative stress in your body. 

Since vitamin C is renowned for its ability to
positively impact your body’s healing process, it makes sense that elderberries, with their high vitamin C content, can have a positive impact on your immune system and healing. Additionally, elderberry is considered to be an antioxidant, and researchers even believe that it supports the reduction of inflammation because of the compound that makes it blue. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking Elderberry?

Though we already touched on some of the benefits, let’s dive deeper into the many reasons why
elderberry supplements are an excellent addition to your wellness routine. 

As you might have noticed before, elderberries have a wide variety of suggested usages. What does that mean, exactly? It means that there’s something for nearly everyone, of course! Whether you’re looking to support your immune system or your heart, the elderberry can help you do so!

Studies have also suggested that elderberry has a positive impact on heart and blood vessel health. This is due to the flavonoids that can be found in elderberry. Therefore, if you’re looking for a supplement that can support heart health while also working on a whole host of other things, elderberry might be your perfect match!

Elderberry is also famed for its ability to help support your body’s immune functions. Incorporating elderberry supplements into your wellness routine is a preventative way to help keep yourself healthy by supporting your internal defense system. 

Who Should Avoid Elderberries?

Like any supplement, it has to be the correct one for you in order to work. That being said, there are some individuals who should stay away from elderberry supplements. 

This includes people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

If you have an autoimmune disease, you should generally avoid the supplement because of the impact that elderberry can have on your immune system. 

In addition to this, some other parts of the elder tree, such as the branches, leaves, twigs, roots, and seeds, can actually be toxic! Just stick to elderberries (or even better -- elderberry supplements!) and you should be just fine. 

If you notice yourself getting an allergic reaction to a supplement, discontinue use and seek medical attention. 

Finally, if you are on a medication that makes you need to use the restroom more, be careful taking elderberries as they are also a diuretic. 

That all said, these are just a few things to look out for and be cautious of. Overall, most elderberry supplement users will not experience any adverse side effects, but it’s still good practice to monitor yourself for side effects whenever you start any new supplement. As always, if you have questions regarding if you’d be a good candidate to take an elderberry supplement, you should seek professional medical advice from your doctor. After all, they know you -- and your medical history -- and can advise you appropriately.

How Cosmos Vita Can Help

Here at Cosmos Vita, we like to think of people as spiritual beings. That being said, we still definitely have to take care of our bodies! Taking your supplements is a great way to do exactly that.

Cosmos Vita supplements are unique because we create gummy vitamins that are truly out of this world. Taking care of your body has never been so easy, or tasted so good! Our gummies are created with all non-GMO ingredients, are free of dyes, and are friendly to vegan diets. What could be better? (Spoiler: nothing!)

Taking supplements isn’t only valuable on a practical, nutritional level. It also feels good to take care of yourself -- and when you feel good about yourself, you’re going to present your most confident, flourishing self to the world. We believe confidence starts from the inside out, and taking control of your health and wellbeing is one incredible way to kickstart all those good vibes.

Not to mention, Cosmos Vita gummies are totally delish! Just think of them as gummy candies with health benefits! 

Taking your vitamins doesn’t have to be boring or stale. You heard us right -- taking your vitamins can be
fun and delicious

Cosmos Vita’s entire mission is to create gummy vitamins that are out of this world, and you can see for yourself when you try our
Supportive elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C gummies. Not only do our Supportive supplements provide 100 percent of your daily vitamin C, they also offer the healing, heart-healthy, and supportive powers of elderberry to naturally relieve stress and reduce inflammation. Your body will thank you! 

In Conclusion

Elderberry supplements are becoming more and more buzzed about, and for good reasons. 

Native Americans and Ancient Egyptians alike incorporated elderberries into their respective routines, not to mention the “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates. Even though elderberry supplements are increasing in popularity now, this plant (and its holistic uses) have been around for centuries. 

Elderberries are unique for several reasons. For one, elderberry supplements can be used to uplift and support your body in a variety of ways. What does that mean, exactly? If you’re seeking an all-around excellent choice to bolster your immune system, tame irritation, give your complexion a youthful glow, and much more, elderberry supplements might be exactly what you’re looking for.

We can talk incessantly about all the ah-mazing things that elderberry supplements can do for you, but know you’re busy. That’s why we broke it down into this helpful guide!

Elderberry supplements really do offer something for everyone, and Cosmos Vita is happy to bring you elderberry supplements made from the good stuff. You’re getting supplements that are non-GMO, dye-free, and vegan-friendly. 

Getting started on your wellness journey has never been so manageable (and tasty). 

Cosmos Vita as we create gummy vitamins that are truly out of this world!








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