Five Ways to Destress Naturally

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for a way to destress. We get it! We are living in a time of burnout, uncertainty, and challenges beyond measure. The good news is, we are in charge of one thing for sure: ourselves. If we make the shifts to ensure that we are grounded and carving out space for ourselves to find peace and balance, the impact on your life will be immeasurable. We know firsthand! 

If you know us, you know that we firmly believe that small steps lead to substantial shifts, so we wanted to keep this simple for you. Below are five ways that we find to be extremely effective in finding more harmony in our lives and thus, feeling less stressed!

  • Change your environment
  • If you’re feeling drained from the work from home haze, (looking at you, Zoom), we recommend mixing things up. Stepping outside and getting some fresh air does incredible things for your senses. If that’s not so simple, even moving things around in your home, or switching up your routine in some way can bring feelings of joy and new perspectives. 

  • Try a breathing exercise
  • We breathe all the time, so why does it sometimes feel so hard to do it deliberately! Well, slowing down really helps. This can be as simple as sitting somewhere comfortable and focusing on your breathing: inhale through your nose, feel your body expand, and exhale whatever is making you feel tense. If you want to take it a step further, we love apps like Calm and Insight Timer for guided meditations. 

  • Express your feelings
  • If you’re human (which we assume you are?), you likely have a million and one things running through your head at any given time. It’s a great thing to be an active thinker, BUT when you start to feel weighed down by your thoughts, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. Expressing yourself whether verbally or through writing can be incredible freeing. Journaling or simply the act of jotting things down can help take some of the pressure off. We love writing a list of worries down first thing in the morning to put all of the stress on paper. That being said, even just jotting down things such as your grocery list, tasks, or emotions can help take off some of the pressure and help you feel more grounded.

  • Engage in a rhythmic activity
  • Whether it’s a steady jog or a fun tune, feeling the beat and getting into a synchronistic rhythm can be incredibly stress-relieving. It helps readjust your focus and really tap into your body’s natural rhythm. Think about it: the world IS a rhythm (circadian rhythm, seasons, moon cycles, etc.) so it makes complete sense that this is what the body craves! For a fun experiment, try taking a pen or pencil and make up your own song to relax to. Or, mimic a beat you hear - dishwasher, siren, anything really!

  • Be present by focusing on one of your senses
  • You may be sensing a theme here. By tuning in and slowing down, you are tapping into the peace within yourself. Everything you need to feel balance and joy is already right inside of you. We find that focusing on one of our senses, sight, smell, sound, or taste, can all help you melt away some of your stress. Pour a cup of your favorite relaxing tea and spend time focusing on the taste and savor each sip. Light your favorite candle and inhale its aroma, focusing on the different notes. Find a picture you love and gaze at it, focusing on what brings you joy. This shift and focus really helps in managing stress. 


    Photo Credit: Pexels Images

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